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Imani Behavioral Health

Outpatient Mental Health Services



We offer various Mental Health Services and Psychological Evaluations



Mental Health Therapy via various technological devices

Welcome to Imani Behavioral Health

Our mission is to bring positive change to the community through behavioral health services.

Imani Behavioral Health was established in 2018 out of a desire and need to create a counseling space that truly valued diversity and created opportunity. As we continue to serve the community, we take the following approaches:

First, we highly value training. We partner with local universities to provide a practicum/internship experience for their students in mental health fields. It is a privilege to be able to have an opportunity to invest in upcoming therapists. Second, we strive to provide an exceptional service to all our clients regardless of ability to pay. It is top priority that you feel seen and heard. Your presence and words will always matter to us.

In addition to our outpatient services, we provide services to local churches, schools, and other organizations in the community. Third, because we value community, we require that our employees provide volunteer hours to a cause of their choice in the local community. We know the best way to bring to change is through action and providing a service that has the potential to improve the life of others is one of the ways we serve others. Our overall mission is to make a positive impact in the communities we serve through Research, Education, and Development.


Our approach incorporates Research, Education, and Development. Our main goal is meet you where you are and walk alongside you through your journey of healing. The Imani team is comprised of diverse individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. We work together to bridge the gap between research and its application in your life while providing educational resources to aid you in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Whether you are a client or organization, we gather information that allow us to identify your needs to help reach your ultimate goal. Once we understand your unique needs and concerns, we can provide education and/or guidance on navigating the circumstances. Knowledge is power and a new perspective can bring about a new development or opportunity for your life or organization.


We believe the whole concept of therapy is based on faith. We have faith to seeing positive changes even when current circumstances may not seem there is a possibility for good change. 


When you become aware of the issue and have the knowledge or ability to find the knowledge, you then yield the power to create the change in yourself or in the world that you want to see.


Whether it is through counseling, education, research or outreach, we strive to make a difference by an act of love and compassion by working together to meet your needs.

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Imani Behavioral Health is an outpatient mental health facility that addresses various mental health needs from counseling to psychological evaluations.